Update (August 2020): COVID-19 Ship Centre Closed for 2020

Although from 27th July 2020, museums in Wales have been allowed to reopen, after much thought and consideration we are taking the decision to REMAIN CLOSED FOR THE REST OF THE 2020 SEASON.

This was not an easy decision to take but we hope you will understand. It has been our intention for some time now to update our visitor experience, bringing it more into line with, and reflecting, new and emerging thinking on medieval trade and ship building. We will be focusing on completing projects and exhibitions in the coming months.

We would like our visitors to feel as though they have been transported back to the mid fifteenth century, and see for themselves the very activities that support international trade and transport: who were the people involved, how did they work, live and interact, making use of real, replica and virtual displays. Experience the sights, sounds, touch and smells….no licking it’s not COVID safe!

We appreciate not everyone can make the trip to our facility, and that some may wish to repeat their visit at a time to suit themselves or share it with others, and so we will be looking into ways of using computer technology to bring this magnificent vessel, its cargo, its people into your homes, so you can for a short while become immersed in fifteenth century dock life.

We are sure you will appreciate the enormity of the task ahead of us for our small army of volunteers and therefore the enforced closure has given us the precious gift of much needed time to bring about these changes. We are always looking for extra help so if you can spare the time do get in touch, message us on Facebook or email us at chair@newportship.org.

It has not been an easy decision to make, we love showing off our wonderful artefacts to you, seeing your eyes widen in awe and wonder as you begin to see a life long gone from living memory, talking about all manner of aspects of living in those troubled times of the Hundred Years’ War, the War of the Roses and the ever present threat of the plague and Black Death. We will miss you very much, but we know you will be more than delighted, nay, well over the moon when you return to see us next season….we have seen glimpses of what is in store and we can barely wait to share this with you.

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