Our Library

Since the ship was discovered in 2002, many archaeologists and conservators have been working on the project, under the direction of Dr. Toby Jones. During this time, a large number of specialist books and journals have built up, as well as a substantial donation from the library of the late Colin Green in 2015.

In 2016, the Director made a proposal for a library to be formed using this stock of, perhaps, 2,000 items, as a base, but with the intention of continued expansion and purchase of new titles purchased with support from the Friends of the Newport Ship. The long-term objective is to have a dedicated search room adjacent to the reconstructed ship, where scholars and members of the public can study relevant material. Some of the items are highly specialised, some are out of print (but still very important) and some are foreign language, for which there are no other copies in the UK.


Subjects covered are as follows:

  • Conservation, especially of wood
  • Studies of other ships and shipwrecks, some foreign
  • Maritime history
  • Local history covering south Wales and beyond
  • Waterways and navigation
  • General history, especially late medieval period
  • Books about ships for younger readers


The library is housed on shelves in the timber store. Access for browsing can be provided by Toby Jones (Project Director), Bob Evans (Chair of FONS) or Sian King (Librarian) – see below for contact details.

The library is currently a reference only collection. Any request to borrow a book would be considered by the Project Director or Librarian on a case by case basis.


Items catalogued so far can be searched, using author, title or subject.

For further information, please phone the Ship Centre on 01633 274167 or email Project Director Dr Toby Jones

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