The Newport Ship project, the next steps

As the conservation stage moves towards completion the project is planning the next phase “reassembly”.

During 2019 further batches of timbers completed the Freeze Drying process and were returned to the climate-controlled store rooms at the Ship Centre. With two thirds of the timbers conserved it is hoped that the conservation stage will be completed in late 2020.

In this article “Ship could be Wales’ answer to the Mary Rose“, by the BBC, Dr Toby Jones, project curator for the Newport Mediaeval Ship project, sets out the importance of the Newport Ship. And how the team working on it say they hope it could finally be put on public display by 2025.

BBC Wales News January 2929 So how do you put a 15th Century ship back together?

BBC Wales News

Newport council has managed the project to conserve the vessel for a number of years with financial support from the Welsh Government.

“It is council’s ambition is to display the ship, and artefacts, in a prominent location in the city subject to funding and a suitable location being found, once the conservation and restoration work has ended.”

The Friends of Newport Ship fully support the work of Newport City Council in the continuing conservation and the next stage of the project, the real big one! , the re-assembly and display in Newport.