Special Appeals

Current Appeals


Animating the Newport Medieval Ship


To help bring the Newport Medieval Ship to life the Friends are seeking support to create a new animation video that will be shown in the visitor centre. It will be based on current archaeological research into its origins and construction.   If you would like to support this venture you can do this by visiting our crowdfunder page or clicking on the button below.





Past Appeals

Newport Uskmouth Rotary Raffle

Each year (March-April) we raise funds through our annual allocation of raffle tickets from Newport Uskmouth Rotary.  This fundraising stream is intended to bring in £2,000 of much needed income to directly support the project.  But we can only achieve this if we sell all the tickets.  Prizes of cash amounts of £500 and £200 and an original watercolour painting can be won. £1 Tickets are available from committee members, volunteers and also at the Ship Centre.

As in previous years we will also sell via post.  Please send your name, address, phone number and a cheque (payable to FoNS) to Phil Cox (FoNS), 5 Goodrich Grove, Newport, NP10 8SY for multiples of £5 and we will write out your stubs and if you want the tickets sent back, then you can have them.  If you win the big cash prizes you could always consider donating half of it back to FoNS and claim gift aid!

Promotion for Gifters

Since August the Friends have committed expenditure in support of the project to almost £4,000. This includes paying expenses of Toby’s intern (£750), sponsoring the engineering specification for the display cradle (£2,000 contribution), and direct support for the curator (over £1,000). We anticipate further calls on our resources as the project nears the end of the current conservation stage and the costs of rebuild and display will need to be addressed (grant aid applications cost money as does expert advice) and government funding is further constrained.

To address the gap this leaves in our reserves we are looking for a number of existing supporters to donate sums of £100, £250, £500 or more on an annual basis. We are currently looking at a scheme (similar to that employed by the Mary Rose) whereby such donations would be recognised by a publicised rank of Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral and Admiral. If you are able to consider such donations, please contact me as above.