Conservation webinars from ICON

The Institute of Conservation (icon) Heritage Science Group have teamed up with Icon Book & Paper Group Committee to are run a series of webinars –
Conservation: Together at Home Webinar Series. Further information and how to register is available on the icon website here.

Date: Wednesday 6th May 2020

Speaker: Dr Katrien Keune, Head of Science, Head of Science, Rijksmuseum

Title: Metal Soaps in Art: from first observations towards a deeper understanding

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Date: Wednesday 13th May 2020

Speaker: Dr Anita Quye, Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science & Head of History of Art, University of Glasgow

Title: Creating constructive pathways to aid ethical sampling decisions in
scientific research for cultural heritage

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Date: Wednesday 20th May 2020

Speaker: Carl Heron is Director of Scientific Research at the British Museum

Title: 100 years of Scientific Research at the British Museum

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Date: Wednesday 27th May 2020

Speaker: Dr Josep Grau-Bové is a lecturer in the Institute for Sustainable Heritage, University College London,

Title: Using online and open apps for preventive conservation

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